Traditional cuisine

Slovenian food is influenced by the Alpine, Pannonian and Mediterranean world, which is why you can find a variety of different specialties here. The most famous among them are ajdovi žganci (buckwheat porridge), prekmurska gibanica (Prekmurje layered pastry), kranjska medica (Carniolan honey liquor), potica (nut roll) and kranjska klobasa (Carniolan sausage).

Slovenia has good conditions (best sites, moisture, great exposure to the sun) for viticulture. One of the finest wines grown in the world are from Slovenia. Well-known is kraški Teran (Karst Terrano), a very dry red wine, and Cviček, a red so dry and light it’s almost a rosé.

Beer (pivo) is the most popular tipple in Slovenia. The main brands are Laško and Union. A bottle or jug will cost you 2.50 EUR in a pub, about 0.8 EUR in store.

Slovenians love to drink coffee, and coffee (kava) usually means a tiny cup of strong Turkish coffee. A basic cup of coffee will cost you around 1.50 EUR.

Student coupons

Students in Slovenia can eat a nice student meal in certain restaurants for about 2 EUR on average. Slovenian Government subsidizes 2,63 EUR for a student meal, the rest of the meal price is paid by student. You have two options for using coupons system; you can use your mobile phone with Slovenian number or you order a special card, which costs 15 EUR.

You should go to ŠOUM office in Gosposvetska 83, where you get your student card. Than you have to make a registration on the website and signup registration number, which you get in the office. To activate your phone or to order the card, go to Gosposvetska 86 (near Gosposvetska dorms). Working hours: Mondar to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00, Wednesday from 9:00 to 15:00.

You can use student coupons between 8:00 and 20:00. You can also eat two meals per day, but not in the same restaurant and not within four hours. You can find a list of restaurants on the website:«

Bon appetit! (Dober tek!)